5 Best Winter Comfort Foods


January 18, 2016

The chill in the air can signify only one thing- winter is here! Here at Lady Luck Casino® Black Hawk, we love the winter season for many reasons. Mostly, we love winter because it’s the perfect time to enjoy all sorts of yummy, comfort foods. Comfort foods are hearty, delicious, and feel like a big giant hug of happiness in your belly. If you’re looking to warm up this winter, try out these top five comfort food favorites.


1. French Fries


French fries are great for any time of the year; they are universally adored and can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways. It’s a classic American side dish that’s been around for years. French fries are incredibly versatile and go with many foods from hamburgers to fish. Prepare them the typical way with potatoes and plain ol' salt, or if you want to be health-conscious, use sweet potatoes, then add a hint of garlic, cinnamon, or paprika. Luckily, we have both versions available for you at Otis & Henry’s®!


2. Biscuits and Gravy


Comfort food aren’t solely featured in lunch and dinner. Biscuits and gravy are the perfect comfort food because they combine two necessary essentials for a great comfort food: bread and cream. Yum! Although biscuits and gravy are a known staple down south, we’ve actually included them on our dining menu at our restaurant. Trust us, we know a good comfort food when we taste it.


3. Chili


If you’re going to make a list about comfort foods in the winter, it’s a must that chili be included. It’s thick, hearty, and filled with nutritious ingredients like veggies and meat. Chili can be served in a variety of ways. Serve it up traditional style, with brisket and tomatoes, or if you want to get fancy, add turkey, white beans, and white cheddar grits. Yum! The only real way to serve chili is hot. So you know it’ll keep you warm through the winter months.


4. Mac-N-Cheese


When we created this list, we just knew we had to include mac-n-cheese. We honestly assume everyone loves this delicious, cold-weather meal. You can’t attend a family holiday gathering without seeing this popular item, and we can definitely see why. There’s something about mixing carbs and dairy together that just screams comfort. It makes us scream more cheese please! Mac-n-cheese, we heart you.


5. Chicken Fried Chicken


While we try our best to remain neutral when making these lists, we just have to brag about ourselves just a bit. Chicken fried chicken is one of our most popular dishes- for a good reason! If you want to experience winter comfort, then chicken is totally the way to go. Our chicken fried chicken is topped with a light smattering of seasoned golden bread, and served with our famous homemade gravy on the side. Surely, your mouth must be watering at this point.


The best part about these comfort dishes is we serve most of them right here. Escape the winter cold, and come in to enjoy some comfort today!








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