5 Fun Fourth Of July Craft Ideas


June 29, 2017


Fourth of July is right around the corner and so is your Fourth of July party. It’s time to get your house or apartment in the patriotic spirit with some Fourth of July-themed craft ideas! Make Uncle Sam proud with your DIY skills. No need to look for Pinspiration, we’ve got all you need right here.

1. Patriotic Mason Jars

Nothing says summer quite like a mason jar and nothing says Fourth of July quite like the American flag. Combine the two for your perfect American flag-striped mason jar. These mason jars will look great around your house or outside next to the barbecue. Fill them with utensils, party poppers, flowers, or just leave them as they are!


- 3 mason jars

- acrylic paint

- tape

- paintbrushes

2. Fourth of July Clothespin Wreath

Show your patriotic spirit right from your front door! All you need are a few loose clothespins and some paint to get a head start on this project. Simply snap your painted clothespins around the wreath frame and add some stars! This project is simple and cheap. Why waste money on an expensive festive wreath, when you can make one yourself?


- wreath frame

- 2 packs of clothespins

- glitter stars foam stickers

- red, white and blue paint (acrylic or spray)

- paint brush

3. Confetti Launchers

Most neighborhoods don’t allow the popping of fireworks, but don’t let this ruin your Fourth of July fun. Here is an easy, cheap, and safe solution to still enjoy the holiday with a bang. Pop some confetti and shoot for the stars! The best part is – all (or most) of the supplies necessary may already be in your home! This is a very simple DIY – decorate your tubes, add some confetti inside, wrap a cut balloon at the end and voila!


- toilet paper tubes

- decorative paper or markers

- 12” balloons

- tape

- paper

- scissors

4. Paper Star Lights

Add some lights to your festivities with these red, white, and blue paper star lights. These lights will look great hanging up outside over a barbecue. All you have to do is print out a star template, glue together the different sides, and cut some holes for the light to shine through! They may look straight out of a catalogue, but they’re actually cheap and simple to make!


- hole puncher

- hot glue gun

- red, white, blue, and gold paper

- scissors

5. Stars + Stripes Patriotic Flower Pot

Let your flowers join in on the Fourth of July fun! Spice up your outdoor area with a stars and striped patriotic flower pot. This project is similar to the patriotic mason jars, so you can use many of the same materials. This is a quick project and easy project that anyone can do in an hour or less. All you need to do is paint your pot like an American flag! To add to the theme, purchase red, white, and blue-colored flowers to live in your patriotic pot.


- red, white, and blue chalky paint colors

- foam brushes

- painter’s tape

- sanding sponge

Leave the costly decorations at the party store and save yourself some money by making these festive and stylish DIY decorations at home! Try all five to get the ultimate decked-out décor that’ll make all your friends and neighbors jealous. Once the party’s over, head on over to Lady Luck Casino® Black Hawk to truly end your night in a bang. No DIY needed.

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