5 Reasons Bacon Rocks


October 22, 2014

Bacon gets both good and bad reviews from critics. Although there is some hesitation when it comes to consuming this all-time favorite meat, the good news is… bacon is actually good for you!


We may not be nutritionists – but we did our research and bacon packs a nutritional punch that rivals that of other meats. Who knew… it’s chock-full of essential nutrients! In case you still don’t believe us, here are five reasons bacon rocks.


Reason #1. It’s Good for Your Heart

Although bacon is often cited as being bad for your heart, in reality, it’s a healthy choice for it. That’s because bacon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which is the same as those found in fish. The omega 3 acids lower LDL cholesterol levels and increase HDL cholesterol, which improves health of the heart. Along with omega 3s, bacon provides oleic acid and saturated fats, which aid in the reduction of cholesterol.


Reason #2. It’s Filled with Essential Vitamins and Minerals.

Bacon is chock-full of health-inducing essential vitamins and nutrients. It packs a real wallop by offering thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, cobalamin, pyridoxal phosphate, zinc, iron, protein, magnesium, vitamin D and choline. These nutrients boost brain health; improve memory, support cell membranes, cell signaling, metabolism and nerve impulse transmission, all of which benefit heart and overall health of the body.


Reason #3. It’s Rich in Protein.

Protein is made up of amino acids, also known as the building blocks for hormones and endorphins. Bacon is a rich source of protein, which is necessary for the body to function properly. The consumption of bacon helps to build lean and healthy muscle tissues. Since it’s also low in carbohydrates, the energy that’s derived from eating bacon also helps to increase the success of weight loss and boosts energy levels when it’s made a regular part of the diet.


Reason #4. It Helps Your Memory And Your Mood.

Believe it or not, bacon plays a big part in aiding memory and enhancing your mood. Part of the reason is the rich protein content, which is readily available to your body and brain. The key neurotransmitters which are activated reduce depression, anxiety and cravings for food. Bacon is also an excellent source of choline, which is important in developing memory and boosting intelligence.


Reason #5. The Fat In Bacon Is Actually Good For You.

The fat that has given bacon a bad rap actually offers more benefits than harm. For starters, as mentioned above, it is good for your heart. In addition, the higher fat content helps to curb your appetite, so that you not only feel full sooner, but you also keep that satisfied feeling for a longer period of time. The total amount of fat in bacon is actually lower than a lot of cuts of both beef and chicken, and it doesn’t have the toxins that are frequently present in fish. Nearly half of the fat in bacon is monounsaturated, and this helps to lower joint inflammation and clogging in arteries.


If all that wasn’t enough to make you a believer – here are a few more surprising facts about bacon:


• Children whose mothers ate bacon while they were pregnant were more intelligent those whose mothers didn't eat it.


• Bacon is cut from the sides, belly or back of a pig.


• Bacon is high in protein and low in carbs, making it great for boosting metabolism.


• Over 1.7 million pounds of bacon are eaten annually in the United States.


• It’s one of the oldest processed meats.


• Over 50 percent of households have bacon on hand.


• Bacon lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


With so many benefits to eating bacon, there’s no need to avoid it completely. Instead, including this cut of pork in moderation as part of a healthy diet makes sense. Not only does it offer good flavor, but it also contributes to improved health.


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