8 Truly Fun Things You Can Do On Girls Or Guys Night Out


July 25, 2017

In many ways going out with your boys or your girls can be even more rewarding and fun than going out with someone of the opposite gender. First of all, when going out with your homeys you don’t have to worry about impressing anybody. Being yourself is enough.

You don’t also have to worry about conversation or accidentally embarrassing yourself. More likely than not, your girls or your boys have seen you at your absolute worst…and stuck by you anyway. Plus, there so much shared history between you two that there is never a shortage of stuff to talk about. Sometimes there is no need for any conversation at all… your friendship has long passed that Zen-like threshold beyond which words are no longer needed.

Most importantly though, interacting with your boys or your girls does not require a map, rulebook and GPS at the same time! Dealing with the opposite sex will have you wondering whether you should call or text, and what time you should do so. With your peeps you just make the call!

After all, true pals are always ready to ride.

Okay, so what fun things can you do on a girls or boys night out?

    • Sporting Event

Okay this is for guys and basically a no-brainer. Head out with the guys to the stadium on match day; eat meat pies and drink all the beer you want while you cheer your favorite team on along with other like-minded individuals with whom you share the same passion.

    • Movie Night!

This is a classic, and something that takes a slightly different turn for both boys and girls. While girls are more often than not ready for deep storylines, engaging drama and sweeping romance, guys will make do with any dumb comedy, action, or horror movie. On girls or boys night out there’s no longer any need to compromise: girls can sip cocktails and suddenly inhale whenever Channing Tatum throws his shirt off, while boys can go to distant galaxies to slay space zombies and still make it back by midnight.

    • Guilty Pleasure Night

Ok no holds barred when the girls are around. Have your ladies come over, each with her favorite magazines for a night of celebrity gossip, fantasizing, and fun!

    • Hit the Pool Table

Cuz, you know…who wouldn’t want to go head to head with his friends and trash talking over a pool table in a dimly lit room filled with a lot of mean looking, beer drinking men. Look at the wonders it did for Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in ‘Rush Hour’. I mean, who wouldn’t?

    • Be Yourself at a Restaurant

Ladies can go together to their favorite restaurants and order the least sexy, most delicious dishes they would never order on a date with a guy. Why not? You know your girls are gonna call you in the morning for sure.

    • Night Drive Around Town

Both boys and gals can get into this. Designate a driver, crank the music up, and enjoy the thrill of driving around town with no particular destination. You could drive by active social watering holes and flirt as naughtily as you possibly could before driving off.

    • Sleepover

Sleepovers never get old, and once you think you’ve outgrown them you get amazed at how much you enjoyed the latest one. Ladies, it’s time to gather your favorite DVDs and your PJs…don’t forget the juiciest bits of gossip while you’re at it.

    • Casino Night

The best casinos have something for everybody. So both boys and girls can go wild and have a great time during their nights out by heading to the casino. Lady Luck Casino® Black Hawk in particular makes it a point to provide something for everybody.

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