DIY Halloween Costume Ideas


October 13, 2016

Whether you want to dress up because you simply love Halloween or you have a costume party to attend and have no clue what to wear, we’ve got you covered with three easy costume ideas you can make yourself! Not only are DIY Halloween costumes cheaper than the store bought variety, it can be really fun to get creative and make your outfit from scratch. Get in the Halloween spirit and check out this list of gaming-inspired costumes that can be made in a pinch!


King and Queen of Hearts


What better couple to imitate this Halloween than the king and queen themselves?! We’re not talking about real life royals, but instead, those familiar faces from a deck of cards. This costume is easy to make and can be worn alone, as a couple or with a group of friends. From the King and Queen of Hearts to pocket aces or a winning poker hand, any of your favorite card combinations will do!


The basic supplies you’ll need for each person are two white poster boards and materials to decorate. Choose the card you’re replicating and get as creative as you’d like. Draw on the poster board with markers and paint, or simply cut pieces of colored paper and attach them to the poster with glue. When both cards are finished, punch holes in the top two corners. Next, attach them to each other with a rope that can be hung over your shoulders like a sandwich sign. This costume looks best when you wear black or red clothing underneath your sign. Now you’re ready to show off your winning hand!


Fortune Teller


You most likely have everything you need for this costume in your closet at home! Clear the dust out, because this is a perfect opportunity to wear those clothing articles you haven’t worn in a couple decades! Pair a long skirt with a sparkly top. Wrap a scarf around your head and finish off the look by draping a shawl over your shoulders. Don’t forget to layer on lots of jewelry!


This look isn’t complete without Tarot cards or a glass ball, but even those items can be easily made. Create your own cards out of heavy paper or use a snow globe in place of a crystal ball. Now play the part and come up with some fun and crazy fortunes to tell to your unsuspecting “clients!”




Go classic and dress up like a pair of dice with your partner in crime! All you need for this costume is a large square cardboard box for each of you, white spray paint, black construction paper and glue.


First, cut a hole in the top of each box big enough for your head to fit through. Next, cut two holes in opposite sides of the box for your arms. Try on the box by putting it over your head and make sure it fits. The next step is to spray paint the outside of the box white. When the paint is dry, glue on black circles cut from construction paper to mimic a die. Voilà! You’ll be lucky all night long!


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