Five Reasons To Get A Sports Car


June 23, 2017

Admit it; you’ve fantasized at least once about driving a sports car. The thought of the wind in your hair as you cruise around with one hand on the steering wheel probably gets your blood racing.

And no, the guys are not allowed in anytime soon.

There’s only room for the bombshell you met at the Lady Luck Casino the other day, who keeps looking into your eyes like you were the closest thing to a real-life James Bond.

We’ve all been there.

But you know what is better than a fantasy? The real thing! We believe everybody should get the car they deserve; that’s why we set up our Dream Machine Giveaway.

On Sunday, July 2nd you could win your very own Chevrolet® Camaro® during our promotion that lasts from 2:00pm to 10:00pm.

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The sound of a trademark sports car engine revving up in the garage beats a cup of coffee any day as a kick starter. But if you still aren’t sure about getting your own speed mobile, here are reasons to make you change your mind.

1. Every Drive Will Feel Special

First of all, a sports car is the only time you probably wouldn’t mind being stuck in traffic. Next to that Sedan, SUV, or regular old truck, your sports car will be the equivalent of a spaceship roving around in the time of the Flintstones.

Besides, more than any other vehicles in the world open to public use, sports cars are built for performance. They accelerate faster, are able to make hug turns, and offer a level of control that has to be experienced to believe.

2. Beauty

Apart from function, another thing that sports cars have going for them is appearance. These are luxury vehicles, and they are specifically designed to stand out from the models which you neighbors drive to work every morning.

You are not only going to enjoy your drive, you are also going to look like a rock star while doing so. The kids are going to appreciate the added cool factor of having you pick them up from school. And the ladies…well, let’s just say they like sports cars too!

3. Expression

Cars are like dogs: they say something about their owners. This is one of the more subtle reasons why you should own a sports car. They make you stand out from the regular Joe and command instant respect and attention. Have you ever seen a dull painted sports car? Probably not and that is no fluke! They are specifically painted bright colors so that they catch attention wherever they go.

4. They Retain Value Well Over Time

Once you drive any car out of the showroom, it immediately depreciates in value. However, sports cars tend to hold their value better than regular cars, while a few might even pull off a Benjamin Button to become more valuable over time as they become classics.

5. Well, Why Not? You Deserve It!

You know you would look good in a sports car. You know you deserve to stand out from the regular Joe. You feel good about yourself, good enough to enter our Dream Machine Giveaway; so, why not? Your happiness is the most important reason why you should own a sports car and come Sunday, July 2nd you just might get one!

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