Happy Friday The 13th!


May 10, 2016

Friday the 13th is known for horror movies and bad luck myths galore. This date has always had a bad reputation for being an unlucky day full of misfortune. Some superstitious people fear this day so much, they even carry special good luck charms and avoid going out!


We at Lady Luck® Black Hawk don't believe all the hype about Friday the 13th. In fact, we think our casino is full of good luck every day! Our team has put together a list of the top 13 superstitions and we explain why they're simply just myths. Afterwards, we invite you to test your luck at our casino on Friday the 13th!


Friday the 13th Myths...Debunked!


1. Breaking a Mirror


We were always told as children that breaking a mirror causes seven years of bad luck! However, this myth can trace back to the 1800s, when mirrors were made of mercury. A broken piece of a mirror could cause a health problem. Nowadays, a broken mirror just means a pesky cleanup.


2. The Number 13


This number is so widely considered to be unlucky, hotels and apartments sometimes leave out the 13th floor! History states the number 13 came to be considered a bad omen it was the number of people sat at the Last Supper. There's no scientific evidence that 13 is truly cursed, unless you have a fear of odd numbers.


3. Ladders


Some people believe the shape of an open ladder resembles the Holy Trinity so walking under one breaks the bond. We just think you put yourself in danger of falling tools or a breaking ladder—so avoid walking under one for safety's sake.


4. Black Cats


Black cats have been associated with evil witchcraft for centuries and are said to bring bad luck if they cross your path. However, these furry friends are feared because they're rare. Black cats are generally harmless, unless you have allergies!


5. Bats


Just like cats, black bats have been given the bad rap of evil and misfortune for hundreds of years. These skittish creatures actually help eliminate pesky bugs that can harm you, but you probably still don't want bats inside your house.


6. Putting Out Fires


In years gone by, extinguishing a fire before bedtime was said to be bad luck simply because our ancestors didn't have matches or other tools to relight fires quickly. The truth is fire is very dangerous and you should never leave a campfire burning before heading to bed.


7. Investing Money


Some superstitious people believe you should never invest money on the stock market on Friday the 13th. In actuality, the stock market doesn't depend on superstitions. Treat this day like any other and invest wisely.


8. Sneezing


In this spooky myth, people in medieval times believed a person's soul could escape when they sneeze. Saying "God bless you" was said to keep souls intact. We just think it's polite to offer a tissue!


9. Umbrellas


Opening an umbrella indoors is believed to bring bad luck to everyone around. Actually, this is another myth involving safety. Victorian era umbrellas tended to be hastily made and the spokes could injure another person.


10. Spilling Salt


Superstitions say to throw spilled salt over your left shoulder to avoid bad luck. This can trace back to the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians and their value of salt. Nowadays, a napkin can do the trick in cleaning up spilled salt.


11. Knock on Wood


Knocking on wood was said to bring good luck to a claim or a hopeful thought. This myth originated from a religious rite of touching a crucifix or knocking loudly on walls to scare away evil spirits. Hard work and determination works just as well!


12. Horseshoes


One common good luck charm is a horseshoe nailed on the wall U-side up. This comes from the ancient Greeks who believed iron could ward off evil. Save yourself the handiwork and make your own luck!


13. Hospitals


Some people may choose to avoid hospitals and doctors altogether on Friday the 13th. While Friday and the weekends are busier for medical emergencies, you have nothing to worry about when you need the help of a trusted professional!


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