How To Make A Gingerbread House


December 14, 2016

National Gingerbread House Day was December 12th. If you have never made your own, you should try it at least once. It’s not as difficult as you might think, and there are ways to make it your own. Here are the steps to follow for a fabulous gingerbread house this holiday season.


Easy Gingerbread


Instead of spending hours making the house, this recipe allows you to focus more on decorating it. Rather than baking a cake, you use graham crackers. It takes less time and is something anyone can do.



2 egg whites

2 teaspoon lemon juice

1 box confectioner’s sugar

1 large box graham crackers

Hard candies


Step 1


Get an aluminum pie tin and place it upside down to serve as the base.


Step 2


Combine egg whites and lemon juice in a bowl. Mix in 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar at a time and blend with mixer until mixture is at the right consistency. It should be similar to peanut butter.


Step 3


Put icing in a heavy quart zipped freezer bag and seal. The bag will work as a pastry tube for your project.


Step 4


Snip about one-quarter of an inch off one corner of the bag with scissors.


Step 5


Gather six uncut graham crackers. Four will be the house and two will be the roof.


Step 6


Take two of the crackers and cut off two short edges at a diagonal with a serrated knife. This forms the end pieces for the gable.


Step 7


Squeeze icing out of bag along one end of the gabled cracker and one whole cracker. Join the two pieces together. The icing should hold them together.


Step 8


Attach the other gabled cracker and one whole cracker in the same way. Use the icing to attach the house to the aluminum pan to help hold it in place.


Step 9


Add the roof the same way, except you put the icing on the flat side rather than the edge. Let the house set for about 15 to 20 minutes.


Step 10


Use the icing to begin decorating the house. You can use hard candies or cereal to make shingles for the roof. Here are some ideas on how you can personalize your gingerbread house:

  • Use round or square candies to make cobblestone steps
  • Break apart candy canes and make a door and windows
  • Use pretzels along the sides of the house for a long cabin
  • Use powdered sugar on the roof and along the pan to create the effect of snow
  • Use colored candies along the edge like lights
  • Red licorice can become a door
  • Jelly beans create a stone effect on the sides of the house
  • Use colored icing instead of white for a unique look


Tip: Plan out your decorations before you start making your gingerbread house so that everything can be assembled before the icing dries.


Now you have a gingerbread house you can enjoy and eat.


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