Make Your Earth Day A Celebration!


April 15, 2016

Join in the tradition with our staff at Lady Luck® Black Hawk for a very special Earth Day party. We're getting our hands dirty helping clean up the community and we’d like you to give back too.


Our Community Aces® program brings our volunteers and staff together to beautify our home state of Colorado. In honor of the giving spirit, we've put together an easy list of things you can do to help our precious planet on Earth Day. Read on to find out how!


Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day


1. Save your energy!

Vow to keep your lifestyle green and your electricity bill low this Earth Day. You can simply pledge to turn off the lights when you leave the room or turn off the faucet when you're brushing your teeth. A little effort goes a long way.


2. Think local.

Check the newspaper and local Facebook pages to find a community volunteer program in your area. Even spending a few hours picking up trash will make a difference. If you're busy on Earth Day, consider donating money or supplies to a local program instead.


3. Waste not, want not!

You may be used to a certain lifestyle, but Earth Day can spark a change in your habits. Consider not buying any more bottled water and think about fixing that leaky faucet in your kitchen. This holiday is also a perfect time to start recycling your cans and bottles.


4. Stretch your legs!

If you're heading a short distance to town or work, consider walking instead. You'll also get great exercise on your bike. When you need to travel farther, think about taking public transit or carpooling with friends to help keep the air clean.


5. Get crafty.

Earth Day is the perfect time to create something new. Find instructions online on how to build a simple birdhouse where you can feed your feathered friends outside. It's easy to plant a tree in your yard or at a community park, and a vegetable garden would go great in your backyard.


Community Aces at Lady Luck®

We're so proud of our Community Aces project here at Lady Luck. Donating support service and funds to local groups is just one way we embrace community spirit. We also encourage our employees to stay active in the community. Our inspiration comes from our company's late founder, Bernard Goldstein, whose memory is honored by our Community Aces volunteer program.


The Lady Luck Black Hawk and Isle Community Aces cleaned up a stretch of Hwy 119 in Gilpin County, Colorado, recently. We pick up litter from our adopted highway with Community Aces' volunteers three times a year.


Get into the holiday spirit and celebrate Earth Day with us at Black Hawk this year by honoring our beautiful state of Colorado. We're excited to treat Mother Nature to the gift she deserves this April and all year long.



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