Perfect Picnic Tips


July 14, 2017

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to spend outdoors. A relaxing picnic is just the thing on these lazy summer afternoons. Before you take the afternoon off from work and head out to your favorite spot for a bite of lunch, read on for some tips to create the perfect picnic.

Keep Things Simple

Don’t go overboard and try to come up with a ton of unusual foods for your picnic. Remember that you have to carry your picnic basket, and it may end being some distance from where you park. You also don’t want to worry about foods melting or losing their flavor out in the heat. Instead, stick with the tried and true picnic foods.

Make It Interesting

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring. If you want to spice up your picnic, think about presentation. Cut sandwiches into cute shapes or choose colorful vegetables for dipping. While it’s often easiest to bring along disposable plastic ware and dishes, you can choose those with designs that will look pretty set up on your brightly-colored picnic blanket.

Don’t Forget the Cooler

You may not want to eat as soon as you arrive at your destination. Bring along a small cooler with drinks and cold foods, so they will still taste delicious when you’re ready to relax and eat. If you put your drinks in the fridge or freezer before you’re ready to leave for the picnic, you won’t have to take up a lot of room with ice or ice packs.

Pack the Essential Non-food Items

Even though food is the main item on a picnic, don’t forget the non-food items to ensure a fun time. This includes bug spray, sunblock, hand sanitizer or hand wipes, sunglasses and bags to load up the trash. A picnic blanket will make your spot cozier and more comfortable.

Choose Food that is Portable

Not all foods hold up well to transporting. Condiments seep into the bread or it becomes soggy, ruining what sounded like the most delicious lunch. Make sure your menu will be just as tasty after carrying it for a while as when you made it. Another option is to bring the items in separate containers and assemble at the picnic. For instance, you may pack lunchmeat, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and bread in separate bags. Avoid foods like ice cream, cakes or other items that will be messy.

The most important tip for any picnic is to have fun. Even if things don’t turn out as perfectly as you would have liked, you are making fun memories with family or friends.

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