The Ultimate Comfort Food - Breakfast All Day Long


February 20, 2015

There are only a few things better than the deep-down warm feeling you get from eating macaroni and cheese. It could be the smell of sauce simmering on the stove on a Sunday afternoon. It could be your Grandmother's beef stew. Comfort food means something different to each of us, but to all of us it is undeniably eating a hot and hearty breakfast on a cold, snowy day. Comfort food makes us feel content. It makes us happy. Comfort foods give us what's called "the warm fuzzies," like being wrapped in a warm, woolen blanket.


Comfort food brings us to a time when we only had to think about what we were eating, or maybe when we could get back outside to feel the warm sun. Gone are the thoughts of the numbers on the scale or the button on our pants. Comfort food can also be... a pint of chocolate mint ice cream eaten right out of the container – complete with warm socks and flannel pajamas, while watching a good movie.


Here at Otis & Henry’s Bar and Grill®, two of our favorite cooks, Ray and Jerry help to capture that warm, familiar feeling. They recommend the Skillet Breakfast which is served as a layered dish of pure perfection. What other comfort food highlights did they share? Read on…


Comfort starts with food, and comfort food starts with breakfast. No frozen waffles or boxed cereal, instead they focus on feeding our guests fresh breakfasts the way everyone likes! The Otis & Henry's® Breakfast Skillet base is a sturdy helping of fried, home-style potatoes. Three farm fresh scrambled eggs, gently mixed with sautéed bacon and ham, follow. If your mouth isn't watering yet, all this breakfast goodness is topped with country gravy and a creamy, melted, three-cheese blend. And let’s face it, everything is better with cheese.


The comfort food here goes beyond the Breakfast Skillets to fresh soup at the unlimited soup and salad bar, and from chicken fried chicken to warm apple pie à la mode.


Since we all have our own favorite comfort foods, we asked team members at Otis & Henry’s® for their favorite comfort foods. Here’s what they chose:


• Ray J, Cook 2, 4 years at Lady Luck: “To me there is nothing better than our Rib Eye Steak and Baked Potato! But, I like to get my potato loaded. It’s so great!”

• Jerry T, Cook 3, 11 years at Lady Luck: “People really like the meatloaf. I make it, so I am biased… but it’s REALLY good!”

• Saidou D, Banquets, 3 years with the company: “The Steak and Eggs is my favorite. I have it once a week!”

• Debbie C, Hostess & Cashier, 3 years at Lady Luck: “I love the O&H® Big Breakfast… it’s only served in the mornings, so you need to get here early to have that…but it’s worth it!”

• Meagan A, F&B Manager, 13 years with the company: “The Black Hawk Omelet!”


While comfort food is truly something different to each of us, everyone will agree that there is nothing quite as nostalgic as breakfast at any time of the day. Comfort food can take you back to when bacon was still considered to be one of the main food groups. They are the things that take you back to a simpler time; the things that we all still love. Comfort food helps makes the stress of the day go away. It is sometimes our guilty pleasure. It is always the type of thing that you will find here at Lady Luck Black Hawk and just the type of thing we love to talk about!

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